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EQM 365 Rental

Everything you need in one single solution

The EQM 365 Rental Management Software is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), previously known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing you a complete rental business solution. You no longer have to export files, or create any type of bridge software in order to export the files to your accounting software.

Object Module

The object module is the core of the EQM solution. This module keeps a complete overview of all entries on every rental item owned by your company. Each piece of equipment or rental unit is represented as a unique object in your company’s database.

Information about revenues generated and costs incurred by each object can be retrieved using the dialog box that executes a database query. Workers involved in equipment maintenance can enter the type and cost of each service task. The object module is fully integrated with the rental module, and the service module, avoiding both siloed data, duplicated data, manual processes and cross module inconsistencies.

The object module is also integrated with the standard purchase, inventory, service, fixed assets and sales modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All costs and income generated by these modules will be displayed in forms and reports on the individual object, object types and object groups.

Through EQM, a company that rents lifts, for instance, will be able to measure the profitability of a unique lift, a certain type of lift, or groups of lifts.

Rental Module

The rental module is used by the front office staff that works with customers. This BC application program serves to check availability establish quotes and contracts for the rental of equipment, scaffolding, bulk items and labor. Additional charges pertaining to the establishment and the termination of the rental contract may be attached to the type of object. The availability calendar provides the user with the total overview of and access to the rental inventory: which objects are rented to whom, which objects are available from which locations, etc. The users themselves may set the criteria for reports and statistics.

Service & Maintenance Module

The Service and Maintenance module is where you will define and keep track of your workshop orders and related purchase order, functional tests, service schedules and certificates. All these parts are linked together using a service card.

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