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Armada's team of seasoned consultants use industry standards, best practices, and best-of-breed industry proven products to provide a rental enterprise solution that supports your unique business needs.

Our five-step methodology ensures that your Microsoft Dynamics NAV and EQM rental software solution performs reliably and can respond to your changing business needs - today and tomorrow.

Step 1: Analysis & Discovery

Our in-depth technology audit and data-gathering process gives us a “behind the scenes” snapshot of your existing business processes, operational environment, and technology-related issues. We also obtain a clear and objective understanding of your rental enterprise goals and how you use technology: this is key to making technology work for you.

This is one of the most critical steps in the implementation methodology process. If shortcuts are taken here, it could have significant impact on the overall solution that is delivered and ultimately installed. Some of the key metrics center around placing.

Project controls allow the project to junction efficiently and smoothly, by catching the essential business requirements early on in the process.

Analysis is part of the Discovery phase of the project. Discovery is the process through which we create a win-win atmosphere that allows us to acquire the appropriate knowledge transfer in order to better understand your business, technology and operational requirements of the project.

There are no shortcuts in a proper analysis and discovery. It necessitates asking the hard questions with the ultimate goal in mind of serving your best needs.

Step 2: Design & Recommend

Whether we’re updating or reconfiguring your current infrastructure - or designing an entirely new one - we handle all aspects of the process, including strategic planning, design, procurement, consulting, project management, implementation, testing, training and documentation.

Step 3: Implement & Train

The implementation is the culmination of proper Analysis/Discovery, and proper Planning and requirements definition. It’s the phase where the building gets built per the architect's blueprints. Adhering to proper protocol and execution is critical.

In this stage, we also:

  • Run Test Scripts
  • Run Pilot Tests
  • Analyze and Retest Procedures
  • Document the Process Flow

Knowledge transfer through proper training methodologies and systems documentation are carried out with the utmost care. We want you to feel that you have been provided all the necessary tools to run the system - not just during installation, but after we have left.

Step 4: Monitor & Follow-Up

Critical to your success is ensuring that your technology runs at peak performance and is always functioning in the way that it was intended. We offer several bundles for remote “push technology” monitoring and performance solutions, which continuously keep us up to date with your rental business needs.

Just as critical is our capability to monitor through scheduled follow-up on the systems and methods that have been instituted. We don’t just build your system and leave you to figure it all out. Long after the initial installation, we maintain constant contact with you and the key stake holders of the project. You should rest easy knowing that you are not left out in the desert alone. We have the resources, the discipline and the desire to continue the dialogue.

Step 5: Version Update & Monitor

A proactive approach to systems maintenance and support helps you reduce technology costs by managing your internal systems efficiently. Armada offers a variety of support plans to help reduce emergency calls and enhance system stability through scheduled maintenance. Our consultants are there to help stay up to date with the most current Microsoft Dynamics NAV version and the most current EQM rental software solution.

Armada's team of certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultants not only understand the project management methodologies needed in order to effectively launch and implement a Microsoft ERP implementation, but they also understand the nuances of the EQM Rental Management software solution.

This is critical. Did you know that only about 28% of the NAV implementations are successful? We have over a 90% satisfactory rating in our Rental Software solution implementation. Why take a risk with a less experienced rental software vendor when you can implement EQM today, and take advantage of our years of implementation experience?

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Armada Dynamics Inc.
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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.